Sebastian Lutgert

SEBASTIAN LUTGERT,Germany (Artist-in-residence at Jaaga)
Sebastian is an artist,writer, and programmer.
“” his work, that celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema.



A student thinks beyond his law books;opens his own quaint campus friendly food outlet -“Bukkhad” (Aruj interned at the Courtyard Cafe before venturing out on his own)



“Organized to encourage development of mobile and web applications to aid relief and rehabilitation endeavors at Uttarakhand.”

The participants shortlisted the concepts,scenarios and ideas to work on.Airpix was associated with the session-they make drones,aerial photography that was partly used at Uttarakhand.

Febin, who is a specialist in face detection software worked on integrating the quadcopters with face recognition software. These drones can reach places where humans cannot. They are controlled using joysticks. This shall be monumental in use, in situations where people are stuck in debris and other places.

Another team was working on a SOS system-to send out SOS messages to their loved ones, to convey whether they were in trouble or safe;along with the longitude and latitude co-ordinates.

There was a merging together of the two groups where face recognition software could map these faces of people registered under the SOS system and also from lists of missing people.

Third Team labored on an informative application to spread awareness through social media-provide relief measures through access to Volunteers and jobs,also for the cause of children orphaned because of the disaster. It would hold a list of jobs available for people to take up and make a call for adoption of orphans.

Fourth team worked remotely. They worked on a software which would generate an optimized route to get to a safe destination based on crowd-sourced data of roads destroyed. Platforms used for this are called ‘Ushahidi’ (Ushahidi is a crowd mapping platform) and ‘Sahanaeden'( Sahanaeden is an inventory management platform)