Jaaga 3.0 Story

New Successes and A New Wave of Change 

Once we decided to move, we weren’t really sure where the pallet racks would go – questions of whether ‘Jaaga’ exists without a space? And if it does, in what form? Jaaga’s pallet racks needed at least a warehouse. Hence, we started looking for places within and around Bangalore.

We looked at farms as an option. There was also an epic meeting concerning the moving of pallet racks..that, if, they are moved to an outside city space – what happens to Jaaga’s identity within the city’s space. That is when, we had to decide whether Jaaga would continue to have an identity within the city. After the ten hour long meeting, it was decided that we’d go all out – host a penthouse within the city, and also take up the Jaaga farm house.

As told by Akshay Kanti.


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