Jaaga 3.0 Story

New Successes and A New Wave of Change 

Once we decided to move, we weren’t really sure where the pallet racks would go – questions of whether ‘Jaaga’ exists without a space? And if it does, in what form? Jaaga’s pallet racks needed at least a warehouse. Hence, we started looking for places within and around Bangalore.

We looked at farms as an option. There was also an epic meeting concerning the moving of pallet racks..that, if, they are moved to an outside city space – what happens to Jaaga’s identity within the city’s space. That is when, we had to decide whether Jaaga would continue to have an identity within the city. After the ten hour long meeting, it was decided that we’d go all out – host a penthouse within the city, and also take up the Jaaga farm house.

As told by Akshay Kanti.


Jeet Thayil

Jeet Thayil

Amrutha: Early on, what did your musical influences look like?
Jeet: My earliest musical influences were shaped like the seventies: wide, deep, ocean-sized.
Amrutha: Who were/are your literary inspirations?
Jeet: It changes all the time. Today: the bible (because I’m in Goa), Donna Tartt’s new novel, The Goldfinch, and the poems of Georg Trakl.
Amrutha: What is the genre of music you are inclined to/play?
Jeet: I am disinclined to genre. I have poly-amorous tastes in music.
Amrutha: If you had to choose between your music and your books, what would it be?
Jeet: That would be like choosing between food and drink, or the devil and the deep green sea.

Fabian Hesse (Artist in Residence at Jaaga)

Fabian is driven by a singular determination: to share his expertise and talent. This has made him a versatile, articulate and public friendly artist that he is. Having studied architecture & visual arts at Lyon(France), Berlin (Germany) Vienna(Austria) and Munich (Germany) he has come a long way at such a young age. He mainly works with 3D printing, installation and performance. For most of his art installations he uses 3D printing, second-hand and recycled materials, security glass and others. He explores artistically, these transformations with different means coming together in multi-media installations, how they overlap, proliferate, disappear.
He enjoys collaborating with artists and people alike. He is also heavily engaged in ‘site specific’ work, meaning he works with materials found in a certain specific site.

Here, at Jaaga he is in residence for a period of 4 months. This residence is a tie up with the Goethe institute.

DSC_0669His long-term project is to create and design 3D printers.. one important part of which was designed and tested here. He has brought two 3D printers to Jaaga. He hacked one of them and the entire process of re-assembling was made open to the public to be witnessed and shared in the month of September 2013. The second 3D printer installation happened at Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore – via 3D printer party flux assembly. He counts Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik, as inspirational.  His residency at Jaaga will culminate with him showcasing his work on the inauguration day of the Jaaga’s new co-working space at Richmond town. He recommends Jaaga for artists, depending on what they are looking for. For Hesse though, he concludes being at Jaaga has been an enjoyable and a great learning experience which has made his belief of inclusiveness of artists and building networks come true!


“Jaaga is a place to explore, create and share. We loved hosting our event at the space that match our values. The community and the activity at the space is inspiring. ” – Hive (India)